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Discover how to increase your performance through athlete mindset coaching. We will teach you how to improve your mental skills and how to consistently perform to your potential in competition. Frustrated with underperforming in games? Learn more about mindset coaching…

Val is a terrific coach, teacher and mentor. Val provided instruction for my daughter who started playing high school basketball last year. Val’s instruction, ability to motivate and knowledge of the game is the absolute best.Val understands how to motivate the physical and mental aspects of an athlete.I played Division 1 college hoops. I know the game, I know a great coach.Val is the best!

Jennifer M.


Val is great. She coached my daughter briefly on a club team, she is a fair and competitive coach, but where I saw her true colors was with private lessons. My daughter was having growing pains, that Oshgood Schlatter thing, and instead of telling her to push through OR come back when you can, Val was creative.She devised a way to work on her skills using alternative methods.

Natasha M.


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